Friday, February 20, 2009

Defining Beauty

Defining Beauty

Maleiha means "beautiful", an Arabian name gifted to me by my late maternal Yemeni grandfather who I affectionately called "Aya" during his lifetme.

My definition of beauty is beyond a woman's physical qualities. It is NOT using one's alluring eyes, temptuous lips and mystical smile to make a relevant point in the community. It means going above these mundane things which describes my concept of being beautiful.

It is not the usual "what is beautiful is the inside" or the goodness of one's character. This adage serves as a common excuse for those lacking physical attractiveness. As if there are only two operating factors that define what beauty is: the presence OR the absence of it.

It gives a momentary relief for those who are not beautiful by covering their physical flaws and highlighting their unseen qualities.

Please never feel inferior of your looks nor find justification for it. You are you and everyone must accept and respect that. The eyes should not be the sole basis of judgment. Even if beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, it is still the majority's opinion that takes flight about beauty based on the looks featured in classy magazines and those celebrated worldwide in the net and television.

There is nothing to be ashamed of with physical unattractiveness. While I agree that real beauty is from the inside, but I am not contented with this premise. My definition of beautiful is beyond this old belief.

Beauty, to be truly worthy of admiration, should literally mean bringing out one's relevance in the field which one chooses to dedicate her time and effort. It means reaching out to help others by transforming them positively, and for me, that means writing for peace.

It is beautiful to be socially relevant and useful. Beauty and brains are rare qualities of a woman, but a woman must convert thy brains to something beautiful that can be shared with others to help them in life.

The beauty of the mind can be expressed in writing to inspire other people or encourage them to be relevant in whatever way they choose to.

A beautiful mind must be productive and helpful to the community.

A beautiful face like the Helen of Troy can launch a thousand ship, but it will fade in time. However, a beautiful mind, is timeless and its effect is beyond physical. It will not fade but shall live and it will become more influential for thoughts written will live beyond the writer herself.

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