Friday, March 20, 2009

Drug Addiction pt.1

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I felt inspired to write an anti-drug article after my youngest sister had come home from Uni the other day, and told me how she was approached by a couple of teenage students who were campaigning against drug-driving.

What disturbed me about what she told me was that the guy who spoke to her didn't actually encourage her (and her friend who was with her) to not use drugs at all; rather, she shouldn't take drugs before driving. He gave her a list of drugs that the police in Australia test for when people are pulled up off the road, which narrowed down to only a very short list of drugs that she actually would be allowed take, should she decide to get high and then go driving on the road. He also explained how the trace of drugs can stay in your blood stream for a few days after you have taken them, so it would be best to take public transportation for a few days after you have gotten high, instead of hitting the road and getting caught.

My question is what are people teaching the kids of today? That it is OK to take drugs, just so long as you don't get into trouble with the law? That it is OK to kill your own brain cells while at the same time taking extra precautions not to harm others in the process? Shouldn't these people be telling our kids not to take drugs AT ALL???....

I don't think I need to rattle off here all the negative consequences drug addiction can have. We have all heard of them. Some of us might have experienced these consequences first-hand, maybe from seeing a friend suffer, or maybe struggling to overcome addiction ourselves. But why at the same time do we also hear the subtle, contradictorary message that drugs are OK to take, within moderation and without hurting others in the process? Why do we have this double-standard here?

I strongly urge parents who are reading this to not let society dictate to your kids whether or not drugs are OK, because it is apparent that society itself still hasn't made up its mind on the issue. Teach your kids about drugs for what they really are, and the consequences of taking them.

I have taken the liberty of searching for websites to help people combat drug addiction. I found the following to be very informative and very useful. I hope they will be source of help for anyone who is suffering from drug addiction, or who know of someone who is suffering from drug addiction:

(pt. 2 to follow)

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