Thursday, June 11, 2009

On touching lives...

This quote, like most others I have found, I found through I like the question it poses on each one of us: Are we a big heal, or a great soul?

People enter our lives for a reason. Whether we were sent to help them or they were sent to help you, you and the people you associate/have associated with have left a lasting impression on each other, whether you like it or not. And just as easily as people can enter our lives, they can also exit from them just as easily, taking with them the impression they have made about you from your words and actions.

Think about the social interactions you have had in the past week, be they with old/new friends, close relatives, or even complete strangers. What would these people say about you, if they were ever asked what their impression has been of you this past week? What would they say about you when it is your turn to eventually exit from their lives? Would they say that you had been a positive influence on their lives? That you have enriched their lives because of your kindness and charity? That it has been truly a blessing to have ever associated with you? That you have left such an admirable impression upon their minds that they want to keep you in their memory forever? Likewise, could you say the same for the people you had associated with during the week?

Another important question this quote raises is whether we spend too much time focusing on the people who have "dug their heals" into our lives, or the "great souls" who have entered into our lives at the time when we needed them most? It is better to fill our minds with precious memories of these "great souls", who have shown they are true friends by their words and deeds, than to decay our minds with memories of the "heal-diggers", who are really not worth remembering.

It is true that we, as humans, are not perfect, and we are bound to unintentionally leave a bad impression on people's lives at some stage. All we can do is try and repair the damage that has been caused by us, be they intentional or unintentional, and strive to work to be a positive influence in people's lives.

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